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Why Facebook Matters To Your Accounts

Posted on March 31, 2010
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Pasted below is a word for word copy of a Facebook post we stumbled on while reading another site over this weekend.

Note; this was posted on June 12, 2009.  It was still there on March 8, 2010.

Michael’s Facebook Page

“I was at an eye doctor’s office yesterday with my two children. When we walked in I noticed the window to the desk was shut. But they at least had a couple posters up telling us what to do. The room was packed…

This is THE most PATHETIC customer service I’ve ever experienced…

And I’ve had some rough experiences! They want NO contact with their customers… None! They not only have a sign at the front window saying keep the window shut… But they are very clear that customers are not to “tap” on the glass! Sign in and Sit down! And wait. We’ve been waiting more than 40 minutes to see the Dr. and we’re still waiting! At least it’s giving me time to share this story with all my friends. Oh, and there is not enough seating here so we’re out in the hall.

Lesson: Don’t treat your customers the way (Name Removed) Eye Center treats their customers. This may be the last time we ever visit here.”

Rather chilling if you ask me!

How would your customers like to have their patients, and other consumers in their town, reading this?

There are two takeaways here.

One, patients really, really hate to be ignored and to be kept waiting.  Michael articulates these sentiments much better than I ever could. More on these topics later.

Two, Michael’s rant, fair or not, illustrates what a powerful force even one unhappy consumer can become with online social media.

Facebook isn’t just kids

Given that 45% of Facebook users are over 26 years old and the fastest growing demographic is women over 55, you can bet that many patients are already on line. And no doubt, writing about their experiences at the eye doctor.

What can you do as a sales consultant?

If you haven’t already, get onto Facebook.  (When you do, become my friend by visiting my profile here.)

Once you have an account, friend your customers, and ‘fan’ their businesses if they have a business page.

I promise it’s easy to do, and you’ll instantly have a new personal connection to your accounts.  Our industry is all about personal relationships, and Facebook is one more link connecting you and your customers.

Furthermore, because you have firsthand knowledge of the product, you’ll be able to coach your accounts on the value of having a presence on Facebook and how to manage the process.

Do you have any experience using Facebook for business? Post a comment below or send me an email.

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